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Naked eye VR technology, enjoy VR immersion game experience, without wearing helmets.

Up to 6 players share the same scene but different vision and target. No transmission delay game.

Six different battle with different exquisite scenes, strong visual impact is particularly.

Using SLR camera focusing function (highlight the target, fuzzy background) so that the player faster and clearer clear the target.

The game modes are diverse, like the bullet mode, time mode, time-limited mode, for different venue different management mode and the tailor-made.

Add this Sniper elite game machine to your arcade and attract more customers, get free quote now!

Real shooting experience

  • Sniper sight

    Each player has a free sniper perspective

  • SLR Camera

    Focus function of SLR camera (highlighted target, blurred background)

  • Auxiliary aiming

    Help players find the target and show the Shooting point, distance and etc.

  • Zooming

    Automatically zooming the sight according to the target distance.

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